Milk and Honey: in Memory of Herman (a short story)

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I remember the Rock Museum on the way to Trussler school. The swamp land where at Zellers or Towers was at the bottom of Tibeaut Hill. Vic Fadelli's Variety store on Algonquin.

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Vic told me I wore too much eye make up when I was He was probably correct, but I loved the way I looked at the time. Went there every day. Then there was all the shoe stores downtown.

Still there, or gone to get coffee???

More in North Bay than any other town. Kresge's at the corner of downtown.

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Chicago Restaurant great place to eat. We used to go in and get 10 cents worth in a little brown bag. These stores were all on Algonquin, top end. I remember the best Entertainer in the area was Erwin Prescott. I still think of him and his great songs, "Out behind the Barn", "the Auctioneer" etc. And what about the book store at the other end of town. I can't remember the name of it it was a one work store.


I had to ask Dad to drive us down, so we can get some used books. Loved it; then try to talk him into stoping at DQ for dipped ice cream.

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The 3 theaters and 2 pool halls were fun also. There were more, but I only went to 2 of them. Dad didn't like that much. What about that little joke shop beside the Odeon Theatre. I remember the little lady and bald guy that worked there. They were great people. They also had a beautiful little daughter years later.

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The daughter looked like her mother so much. That joke store was always fun to go into. Even the taxi stands were great. They treated us all great at the time and it was like they knew you.

One even came to my help in time of need. I never forgot that. I am sure I am forgetting tons more, but I must go for now. I hope I brought you many lovely memories also. There were many memories of walking by the Central Bakery on Algonquin Ave. Love the memories. Joined the Air Force in l in Hamilton. Still visit my sister who just lost her husband last month.

Moved to Cochrane in l and retired in BUT will always call North Bay my home town. Eugene Gene Turgeon. Here goes I remember:. We would fish by the Marina and catch tons of sunfish.

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Then off we would bike to Balsam Creek to fish for trout. We would buy chips and coke near the days end and then bike home before dark. No one worried about us. We would swim near the Marina docks and dive under the docks and stay underwater until we reached the other side. Someone would yell "Old Ironsides" and we would all scramble Home by dark. We always got beat by Burke St Playground.

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I wonder if it's still there? I never really knew what we did with all those fish I think they went into the garden and we wondered why we had a racoon and skunk problem. All those thoughts. Can anyone add to those!? My father served in the Canadian Navy during the war Thanks for the memories North Bay I have no memories of North Bay, Ontario, as I have never been to this place. Yet, in my forty years' existence, I have heard my father mention North Bay quite many times. In the late s, my father left Hong Kong for Ottawa to pursue his university education.

Moments from a half century of Updike.

Milk and Honey: in Memory of Herman is a short story. Herman, my twelve year old dachshund died May 31, Herman was a short haired reddish brown. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Milk and Honey: in Memory of Herman (a short story) book. Happy reading Milk and.

To earn some money for his tuition and living, he had had a few summer jobs in his four-year stay in Canada. During three of those summers, he had a job as a waiter at the Chicago Restaurant in North Bay. Given that some of his friends found similar jobs in places as far as Boston, MA, I wasn't too surprised he ended up in North Bay. Quite remarkably, even after five decades, my father precisely remembers the address of the restaurant to be Main Street.

Thanks to Google Earth, we easily got to the street level of the address and found a Chicago Cafe right there. Perhaps the successor to the Chicago Restaurant?

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On some mysterious pretext of washing their hands, these two left the upper deck and sought the calm of the white and gold passenger saloon. An expression meaning everyone is trying to be in charge, no one is willing to follow others' directions, similar to "too many chiefs, not enough indians". Without him, time seems suspended. You can imagine my feelings, Mr. Despite its popularity and status as one of Morrison's most accomplished novels, Beloved has never been universally hailed as a success. Not many men know how to make a Malay mancatcher. After Sethe's act of infanticide Baby Suggs retires to her death bed where she develops an obsession with colors and Sethe inherits the house after her death.

Otherwise, it's the same building that my father was familiar with. My father was very delighted to see the two-storey brick building where he had once worked and lived in. He was provided accommodation in the second floor of the restaurant by the owners, the members of the Eng family. He had spent most of his time working in the restaurant, but when he was off, he had gone to the beach, which was somewhere, to the best of his belief, "behind" the restaurant.

He also has recollection of the train station where he got off the train, which seems to have been relocated by looking at Google Earth.

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We "strolled" along Main Street in Google Earth and my father was excited to see North Bay appearing before him again; but nothing else on the street rang the bell. If you had visited the Chicago Restaurant on Main Street in the summer of , or my father might have waited on your table.

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I must thank you for your website and all the other people for sharing their memories of the place where my father had a connection, no matter how brief it might be. I was working on the Trans Canada pipeline and travelling to work early one morning back in the late 's when I lost control of my truck carrying welding and pipeline equipment. I was driving alone and encountered millions of those darn shad flies that seem to cover everything.

Crashed into and pulled down one of the pillars, the left side coming into town, sorry about that. I wound up in hospital for four or five months in the capable hands of a doctor Girout sic.

Milk and Honey: in Memory of Herman (a short story)

I believe the newspaper had a photo showing the damage. The Sylvester Family - New beginnings. November 27, In the springtime of my Great Grandfather, Charles Thomas Sylvester, arrived from Staffordshire, England, at the age of 31, to start a new life in Canada. He had been working at the local potteries as a crate packer of dishes for export, life was tough and with a growing family to support he knew there were better opportunities elsewhere. He managed to secure a job at a refinery in North Bay and plans were set for his wife, Ruth , and their two boys, Walter and Charles , to join him after the birth of child 3 Thomas , born on 08 Oct Upon arrival to the North Bay area he secured some property on west end of Jane Street which was wooded at that time and began to build a family home.

Ruth and her three children secured passage on the White Star Line ship Megantic , which sailed from Liverpool to Montreal, arriving in Canada on 17 Nov - the family were re-united in North Bay and celebrated their first Christmas in the new world as new members of the Presbyterian Church. Submitted by Daniel Richard Sylvester. I wonder if there are any archival pictures of the building?