Digital Color Imaging Handbook (Electrical Engineering & Applied Signal Processing Series)

[PDF] Digital Color Imaging Handbook (Electrical Engineering Applied Signal Processing Series)
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They had 3 memories for storing two operands simultaneously and included hardware to accelerate tight loops ; they also had an addressing unit capable of loop-addressing. The main improvement in the third generation was the appearance of application-specific units and instructions in the data path, or sometimes as coprocessors. These units allowed direct hardware acceleration of very specific but complex mathematical problems, like the Fourier-transform or matrix operations.

Some chips, like the Motorola MC, even included more than one processor core to work in parallel. Modern signal processors yield greater performance; this is due in part to both technological and architectural advancements like lower design rules, fast-access two-level cache, E DMA circuitry and a wider bus system. TMSC chips each have three such DSPs, and the newest generation C chips support floating point as well as fixed point processing.

The processors have a multi-threaded architecture that allows up to 8 real-time threads per core, meaning that a 4 core device would support up to 32 real time threads. The devices are easily programmable in C and aim at bridging the gap between conventional micro-controllers and FPGAs. CEVA, Inc. The Blackfin family of embedded digital signal processors combine the features of a DSP with those of a general use processor.

The TriMedia media processors support both fixed-point arithmetic as well as floating-point arithmetic , and have specific instructions to deal with complex filters and entropy coding.

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Introduced in , the dsPIC is designed for applications needing a true DSP as well as a true microcontroller , such as motor control and in power supplies. Most DSPs use fixed-point arithmetic, because in real world signal processing the additional range provided by floating point is not needed, and there is a large speed benefit and cost benefit due to reduced hardware complexity. Floating point DSPs may be invaluable in applications where a wide dynamic range is required.

Product developers might also use floating point DSPs to reduce the cost and complexity of software development in exchange for more expensive hardware, since it is generally easier to implement algorithms in floating point. With a processing speed of 0. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Yovits, M. Advances in Computers. Academic Press. Process Control and Optimization.

Digital Color Imaging Handbook - eBook -

Instrument Engineers' Handbook. CRC Press. The Silicon Engine. Computer History Museum. Retrieved 14 October Retrieved During the s these components revolutionized electronic signal processing, control systems and computers. Retrieved August 31, IEEE Spectrum. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Electrical Engineering & Applied Signal Processing Series

Retrieved 13 October Trends Signal Process. Rao" PDF. Reprints from the Early Days of Information Sciences.

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Publication Information:. Subject Term:. Image processing -- Digital techniques -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Color -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. Added Author:. Sharma, Gaurav. PSZ JB. Summary Digital technology now enables unparalleled functionality and flexibility in the capture, processing, exchange, and output of color images. Chapter 1 Color fundamentals for digital imaging p.

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Johnson and Mark D. Fairchild Chapter 3 Physical models for color prediction p.

Giorgianni and Thomas E.